About us-Pet Hotel and Spa

About us-Pet Hotel and Spa

About us


We groom all dogs and cats
Our hotel is only available to toy breeds
We specialize in the Pekingese breed!


We are situated in Pretoria East, and offer the following services:

Hotel and Daycare
Spa, grooming service
Animal Behaviour and dog training
Pet Transportation
Dog walking

Nutrition and Health Advice

Pet and House Sitting in our Area
Workshops and Courses

The owner Sonja Smit has the following qualifacations:
Advance Certificate in: Dog Behaviour and Psychology
Advance Certificate in:  Veterinary Assistant 
Animal health and Nutrition
Diploma in: Dog and Cat Grooming
Animal Communicator and Alternative Healing
She is passionate about animals and their general care and well-being

"God's Gracious Gift"

To have one is
To love many more
The BEST little breed around